3 Problems Which May Require A Root Canal

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The idea of root canal therapy can strike fear in the most courageous dental patients. It is important to know what is happening during this anxiety-inducing though routine procedure, which we perform at Summer Dental in Las Vegas.

At the center of each tooth is a very small tissue called the pulp. Any of the following problems can damage the pulp:

  • An injury to the tooth
  • A very deep cavity
  • A crack in the tooth

If this tissue becomes damaged or infected, it can build up at the root tip inside the jawbone and form an abscess. If ignored, this can destroy the bone and eventually cause a lot of pain

When we perform a root canal, the infected pulp is cleared out. The space that is left is cleaned and then it is shaped and filled. This eliminates the need for a diseased tooth to be pulled. It would require continued cosmetic dentistry to fill in the gap.

We hope this message has helped you better understand this effective and sometimes necessary procedure. Accurate dental information is important.

At Summer Dental in Las Vegas we perform root canals, and provide a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule your next checkup with us today.

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