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Easy answers to your dental insurance questions.

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Dental Insurance Simplified

“Are you in-network with my insurance?”

Summer Dental & Orthodontics is in-network with most major PPO dental plans. We’ll check your benefits and help you calculate any estimated out-of-pocket cost. After your treatment, we’ll also file your claim and help you maximize your benefits.

Insurance companies we are in network with:

If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry. We offer flexible financing through SunbitOpens the website in the new window and CareCreditOpens the website in the new window.

Understanding Your Dental Insurance

“Will I owe anything additional for my treatment?”

Most dental insurance plans cover preventative dentistry at 100% while covering a percentage of other procedures.

Typical PPO plans use a 100/80/50 coverage structure:

  • 100% of preventative procedures
  • 80% of basic procedures
  • 50% of major procedures
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Your specific plan may have different coverage
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Cosmetic treatments, such as dental veneers, are typically not covered by insurance
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Most insurance plans have a waiting period before they’ll pay for some procedures
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Every insurance plan has an annual maximum. Any treatment beyond that maximum will be paid out-of-pocket
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Common Dental Insurance Scenario

  • Your dental crown cost is $1,000.
  • Your dental plan pays 50% of major procedures such as crowns.
  • You have a $50 deductible which you have not met this calendar year.
  • If you are covered at the time of the procedure, your insurance will pay 50% after the deductible is met, which leaves you with $550 to pay out-of-pocket.
Ask about Our Current Specials
  • $25 exam and X-rays.
  • 20% off any dental service.
  • Tooth Extractions: $1299 wisdom teeth extractions.
  • Orthodontics Specials: free orthodontic or Invisalign consultation.
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Hear From Our Patients

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"This was my first visit to the office. I was referred to them through insurance. The staff is nice and professional."

- Ray J.


"Summer Dental took me as a new patient on the same day I called! The office was clean, staff wonderful and the dentist kind and professional. So relieved to have emergency dental work! Thank you!!"

- Marcy R.


"So far a great experience when I took my 25 year daughter with autism fir a follow up. Dr. Dar was great with her. Also saw him for my initial new patient, great so far in explaining everything and not rushing. Great office location and availability for apt’s."

- T. B.


Why Choose Summer Dental & Orthodontics?

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  • Convenient Hours: Same-day, evening, Saturday, and Sunday appointments.
  • Insurance-Friendly: We’re in-network with most PPO dental insurance plans.
  • Transparent Pricing: We’re happy to provide easy-to-understand cost estimates over the phone.
  • All Services Under One Roof: We provide general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry as well as oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, and orthodontics in one location.
  • Innovative Dental Technology: The latest dental technology helps make your appointments faster and more efficient with more precise and accurate diagnoses.

Book Your Visit

We’re here to help. If you have questions about your benefits, call now. We’ll be happy to go over our costs, your benefits, and the specifics of your plan.

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$25 New Patient Exam and X-Rays

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New Patient Specials:
  • $25 Exam and X-Rays
  • 20% off Any Dental Service

  • Tooth Extractions: $1,799 Wisdom Teeth Extractions

  • Orthodontics Specials: Free Orthodontic or Invisalign Consultation

  • *Cash Patients Only