Chipped Teeth: When Is It An Emergency?

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If you’ve ever chipped or injured a tooth, you know what an inconvenience and a pain it can be. Whether you bit down into something hard, endured a sports injury, or somehow injured your tooth’s integrity, chipped teeth are no one’s idea of a good time.

Are chipped teeth an emergency?

Chipped, cracked and broken teeth come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your symptoms, and how your tooth has been chipped, you may want to seek emergency care.

Here are two good indicators when evaluating a chipped tooth:

  1. Bleeding level
  2. Pain level

If there is blood coming from your tooth, you may have broken your tooth at the blood pulp, which is how your tooth is nourished and is where the tooth’s nerves are housed. If this is the case, consult emergency dentistry services to improve the situation.

In other cases, your chipped tooth might be causing persistent or significant pain. If this happens to you, emergency dentistry should be your preferred option.

What to do if it’s not an emergency

If you have only chipped your tooth’s enamel or dentin (the two outermost layers of your teeth) then this is more of an inconvenience rather than a bodily emergency. At your earliest convenience, you should still visit your dentist for an examination, though the situation is less severe.

When it comes to fixing a chipped tooth, there are a few things to think about that can help you decide when and how to repair your tooth.

1. Know your priorities

Everyone reacts to chipped teeth differently. Some are primarily concerned with appearance, while others are more worried about their overall health. Once you have figured out where you fall on this scale of concern, you will want to create a list of priorities.

Priorities can include repairing the tooth in a way that:

  • Is a quick solution
  • Fixes your bite
  • Avoids any deterioration
  • Stops pain
  • Returns the tooth back to its original look
  • Beautifies the tooth, potentially through cosmetic dentistry

No matter the solution that makes the most sense for your chipped tooth, take the time to evaluate your situation and make an informed dental decision.

2. Consider the risks

It’s also important to evaluate the risks of rechipping the tooth. Sometimes, a chipped tooth is more vulnerable to further damage if not properly protected or repaired.

The activities you engage in and the foods you eat are the greatest threats to your teeth. Before you spend time or money in a dentist’s chair, consider how likely you are to re-inure the same tooth.

If you are confident that this was a one-time issue, a permanent fix may be the best course of action. However, if your sport or way of life will expose you to similar dangers in the future, you might want to consider a simple fix to ensure tooth health and a good bite.

3. Understand your treatment options

Finally, know your options when it comes to fixing your broken teeth. A good dentist will be able to address your problem in multiple ways that can help you achieve amazing results. These options can include: crowns, veneers, bonding and fillings.

If your chipped or cracked tooth is in need of repair, contact us at Summer Dental in Las Vegas. Our team of in-house dental specialists is fully equipped to help restore your tooth’s look and feel. Don’t continue to live in pain or with a chipped tooth; same-day appointments are available today by calling (702) 852-2829.

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