Wisdom Tooth Extraction

get impacted wisdom teeth removed at your Las Vegas dentistHave you had a dental professional take a look at your wisdom teeth? Your dentist can evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth and predict if they may cause problems in the future. Studies show that early evaluation and treatment results in greater comfort and safety for the patient.

Why Should I Undergo Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Many patients do not have sufficient space in the mouth for their final molars to fully erupt, and this can cause several different problems. Often, wisdom teeth will erupt in a sideways or crooked fashion, which can damage the healthy teeth in the mouth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are a common problem that can lead to further complications, including:

  • Infection | The most common problem that comes with impacted wisdom teeth is gum infection. The gums around the impacted wisdom teeth become irritated, and will result in pain, swelling, and reduced chewing ability.

  • Cysts | Patients who do not undergo wisdom teeth removal may experience cyst formation. These fluid-filled sacs develop nearby impacted wisdom teeth, and can slowly destroy the surrounding bone and teeth.

  • Crowding | Impacted wisdom teeth can also contribute to crowding. Crowding greatly affects the aesthetic of a smile, and can also cause long-term damage in the teeth and jaw bone.

  • Decay and Disease | Impacted wisdom teeth lead to greater instances of gum disease, tooth decay, and bone loss in the adjacent teeth. The best way to reduce these risks is with a simple wisdom tooth extraction.

get tooth extractions from your Summerlin dentist

What Should I Expect During my Wisdom Teeth Removal?

We use local anesthesia and dental sedation to guarantee patient comfort throughout wisdom teeth removal. Our well trained dental team will remove the threatening wisdom teeth from the gums. They will provide you with the medications and advice you need to minimize post-operative symptoms.

Other Tooth Extractions in Summerlin

Restorative dentistry options are usually enough to save damaged natural teeth, but in some cases, tooth extraction is the best approach. When a tooth becomes damaged beyond repair, or is threatening the healthy teeth, your Las Vegas dentist may recommend tooth extraction.

Regardless of which tooth requires extraction, you can count on a friendly and gentle staff to perform a successful procedure. We care about your comfort and will provide you with the amenities and sedation you need to have a good experience.

To schedule a consultation, or learn more about tooth extraction, please give our Summerlin office a call today.

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