White Fillings

Our beautiful composite fillings at Summer Dental in Las Vegas are colored to match your unique teeth. They blend in with the natural part of the tooth to give you a seamless smile.

The filling material we use is a mixture of glass or quartz filler in a resin medium. Our high quality materials provide good durability and resistance to the teeth along with an aesthetic look.

White Fillings in Las Vegas

Tooth-colored fillings are a conservative way to protect the teeth and improve their structure. Your Las Vegas dentist can use custom composite fillings to:

  • Restore small to medium sized cavities
  • Restore a cavity on a front tooth
  • Restore a chip on a front tooth

Dental composite fillings are as equally aesthetic to beautiful porcelain veneers or crowns, but much less expensive and invasive. This conservative procedure may not be extensive enough for every situation, but they are the procedure of choice for many patients who want to keep it simple!

Metal-Free Fillings

The primary benefit of composite fillings is their safety level. White fillings are also known as metal-free fillings because they are bio-compatible and nontoxic.

Traditional cavity fillings are usually composed of mercury and silver combined with other metals. All of these substances can be harmful, even poisonous, to the body. These metals can have an adverse effect on your health by emitting electrical currents throughout the mouth and body.

When you choose tooth-colored composite fillings, you protect your bodily health and the natural appearance of your smile.

The Cavity Filling Procedure

Before the procedure begins, we will provide you with local anesthesia to prevent any discomfort.

  1. Your dentist will remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth.
  2. The tooth is etched with a gel and the bonding agent is applied.
  3. The resin is placed into the tooth, layer-by-layer.
  4. Your dentist cures, trims, and polishes the tooth.
  5. You are left with a beautifully sculpted restoration!

Get a Dental Filling for Your Cavity in Summerlin!

If you suspect that you might have a cavity, don’t worry! Our white, mercury-free fillings can solve your problem. To learn more or to schedule an appointment at Summer Dental simply give us a call, text, or email!