Dental Crowns and Bridges in Summerlin

get dental crowns and dental bridges from our Summerlin Las Vegas dentistPreventative care from our Las Vegas dentist can protect your smile, but accidental damage or decay may still affect you. Daily wear and tear, physical trauma, or deep cavities can break your smile down and decrease your oral health.

If you have damaged or missing teeth, come see our dentist in Las Vegas for state-of-the-art restorations. Our dental crowns and dental bridges are long-lasting ways to restore the health and appearance of your smile.

Revitalize Damaged Teeth with Dental Crowns

When a natural tooth is damaged or decayed, but can still be saved, your dentist may recommend a tooth crown. Dental crowns, also known as “teeth caps,” sit on top of the gumline, covering the visible portion of the damaged tooth. We often use beautiful porcelain crowns to restore teeth in the front of the mouth.

Some benefits include:

  • Fine Materials: We design ceramic and porcelain crowns that are resistant to stains and chips.
  • Tooth Protection and Preservation: Dental crowns seal the tooth and prevent bacteria from entering the nerves and tissues.
  • Flawless Appearance: Our beautiful porcelain crowns are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Replacing Teeth with Dental Bridges

Some teeth can become compromised by infection and require extraction. Other teeth may become so damaged that they simply fall out. All of these problems can be reversed by durable dental bridges.

  • Traditional dental bridges include two dental crowns and a pontic, or replacement tooth. Each tooth crown is placed over a healthy tooth on either side of the gap, to anchor the pontic into the space.
  • Implant supported dental bridges are anchored by dental implants instead of by natural teeth. You can replace several missing teeth for a lifetime with these innovative dental bridges.

Schedule a Consultation for Dental Crowns and Bridges in Summerlin!

If you suspect that you may need a tooth crown, or you are struggling with missing teeth, just give our Summerlin, Las Vegas dentist a call, text, or email. We will help you find the solution that’s ideal for you!

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