In-House Dental Specialists

Dentistry is a medical specialty, and within dentistry, there are more subspecialties. Some of these dental subspecialties include oral surgery, periodontics, and endodontics. Many dental practices offer a general focus, and send their patients away to specialists for more advanced needs.

Here at Summer Dental, we do things a little differently. We believe that you deserve to be treated to specialty dental care in familiar surroundings.

Surgeons, Endodontists, Orthodontists, and More!

A general dentist can’t do it all, so we offer in-house dental specialists at Summer Dental. That’s right, we bring the surgeons, endodontists, and orthodontics to you. Our patients can continue to enjoy our welcoming atmosphere, our quality care, and our patient amenities and entertainment. We want you to feel comfortable while you receive the service you need from a skillful professional.

We may not be able to do everything, but you’ll be surprised by how many different dental services we offer here. We rarely send patients away to other specialists. Instead, we bring the expertise to them.

Benefits of In-House Specialists at Summer Dental

We are proud to work as a multi-specialist team of patient-centered professionals. Some of the advantages of choosing a place like Summer Dental that utilizes in-house dental specialists are:

  • Familiarity | You will continue to see the warm smiles that you are accustomed to. We have a relationship with you, and we know your needs.
  • Convenience | There’s no need to find a new office, find out if they’re in your insurance network, and drive a long distance to receive the dental procedure you need. Come to the office and the people you know, and we will introduce you to someone we trust to perform your procedure right here at Summer Dental.
  • Collaboration | In-house specialists facilitate doctor collaboration for better treatment planning and execution. That means you’ll see better results. You won’t need to get to know the new doctor or explain your needs and health history repeatedly. Our doctors will discuss your needs so that you can receive your treatment without any delay or miscommunication.

Learn More About Our Dental Specialists – Contact the Las Vegas Dentists at Summer Dental!

We hope we can provide you with the hassle-free care you need here at Summer Dental. To learn more about our in-house specialists, simply call, text, or email our office today.