Checkups & Cleanings

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When Was Your Last Dental Checkup?

If it has been six months or longer since you’ve seen a dentist, we invite you to schedule a checkup with your Las Vegas dentist at Summer Dental. Here at our family practice, we treat patients of all ages. We create lasting friendships while improving your health and appearance and achieving all of your smile goals.

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We understand that dental work can be stressful due to dental anxiety or busy schedules. We find a way to alleviate all of your stress at Summer Dental with a combination of:

  • Soothing patient amenities and entertainment
  • Compassionate specialists with years of experience
  • Sedation dentistry and local anesthesia options
  • Advanced dental technology for increased accuracy and comfort
  • Extended office hours (weeknights and weekends)

We hope you find it easy and even enjoyable to receive your next dental checkup and teeth cleaning here.

What If I Don’t Get Dental Checkups?

There is a proven link between visiting the dentist and preventing tooth loss. If you want to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, it is crucial to visit your dentist regularly. Recent studies have also connected poor oral health to:

  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Some forms of cancer

Dental checkups and teeth cleanings are an important part of your regular healthcare routine. Another reason to schedule your dental checkup is to avoid toothache, TMJ pain, and tooth infection. The more often you visit the dentist, the healthier your teeth will be, and the less likely you are to need expensive dental procedures in the future.

Las Vegas dental cleaning and dental check up in Summerlin

Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleanings in Las Vegas

What can you expect from your checkups and cleanings with your Las Vegas dentist and his associates?

  • Patient Comfort- Our first priority is making sure your checkup is comfortable and relaxing. We take a gentle approach with all of our patients. We also provide patient amenities and entertainment options to make you feel like you’re right at home.
  • Digital Imaging- When you come into our Las Vegas office, we will bring you to the examination room and talk with you about your expectations and concerns. We will make sure you feel comfortable before taking digital images of your teeth and gums to learn more about your needs.
  • Visual Inspection and Exam- Next, your dentist will complete a visual inspection of your teeth and gums. He will look for signs of infection, tooth decay, gum disease, and cancer.
  • Diagnosis and Care- If we find anything that requires attention, we will discuss your treatment options in detail so that you can make an educated decision about your healthcare. We will also thoroughly clean your teeth before you leave to make sure you don’t have any lingering plaque or bacteria on your gums.

When you visit our Summerlin, Las Vegas dentist office, you can expect high-quality care, compassionate professionals, and comfortable teeth cleaning and dental checkup. We hope to meet with you soon and help you achieve a superlative smile!