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This blog post from Summer Dental in Las Vegas addresses one of the most feared dental procedures: the notorious root canal. But guess what? They don’t live up to their bad reputation.

If you are told you need a root canal, don’t panic. We recommend this procedure when it is better for your tooth than the alternatives.

A successful root canal (or endodontic treatment in dental-speak) can save a tooth and prevent the need for an extraction, followed by a dental bridge, dental implant, or gap in your smile.

If, after a thorough evaluation, we determine that a tooth is going to need a root canal, we will explain the procedure and costs that are involved. Root canals are performed to save an infected tooth. If not treated, abscesses and complete tooth loss may occur.

During the procedure, the nerve and pulp of the infected tooth is removed, and its interior is cleaned and disinfect. The next step is filling and sealing the cleaned area with a special rubbery material, and then protecting the restored tooth with a crown or filling.

Root canals have the reputation of being painful, but this is not the case anymore. There are several effective pain management methods available today at Summer Dental. From local painkillers and numbing agents to sedation, we make sure you are comfortable. Once the infected tissue is removed, we will focus on helping the site heal, which may require another visit.

At Summer Dental in Las Vegas, our services include root canals, and general dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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