Patient Education Is A Priority At Summer Dental

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At Summer Dental in Las Vegas,  providing guidance on oral health and all things having to do with dentistry is an essential part of what we do. We know that good dental health depends on good habits, so we want you to have all the information you need.

When patients are in need of a dental procedure such as a filling or a crown, we take the time to explain the treatment and why it needs to be done. We also explain how to care for your teeth post-procedure.

We know that patients want a smile that is beautiful as well as healthy. We work to make you aware of the cosmetic dental procedures that can improve smiles dramatically. Procedures such as veneers are simple but can have amazing results.

If you are in the Las Vegas area and are looking for a highly skilled dentist with superior communication skills, give us a call at Summer Dental. We provide general and cosmetic dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Schedule your next appointment today.

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