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Las Vegas Invisible Braces

Many of our patients at Summer Dental in Las Vegas have chosen braces, in order to get straight teeth and improve their smiles. They’re pleased to find they have several options.

Children with less-than-perfect smiles often feel self-conscious about their teeth. But having metal braces would make them self-conscious, too. Some of them are excellent candidates for clear braces from Invisalign.

With clear braces, people standing just a few feet away might not even know you’re wearing them. They are made of a clear plastic material and look like an athlete’s mouth guard. They can be removed at mealtime and when you brush your teeth, too.

Some of our patients need more than clear braces can provide. Back teeth, or  teeth that need to be rotated or moved vertically, are better suited to metal braces. They also give us the ability to move teeth in small increments. They’re also more affordable!

At Summer Dental in Las Vegas, we can help you get straight t eeth with clear braces from Invisalign, or traditional metal braces. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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