Metal Braces in Las Vegas

A perfect smile and straight teeth look great, but there is more to healthy teeth than just appearance. At Summer Dental in Las Vegas, we offer both clear and metal braces to help our patients achieve a perfect bite.

The simple truth is that almost no one is born with a perfect bite. If you’re among that tiny group that was, well – you’re lucky! For the rest of us, there are some very good reasons to consider improving the bite.

There are problems associated with misaligned teeth and an imperfect bite. There is usually some kind of pain or discomfort when teeth aren’t properly aligned. There can also be undue pressure on the teeth.

Teeth can be brought into alignment with steady pressure to the teeth and the surrounding bone structure. In time, that pressure changes their position, and brings the bite into proper alignment.

Obviously, this is an exacting science. One of the options at Summer Dental is traditional braces. Traditional metal braces are brackets and bands that are cemented to the teeth that are attached to one another with wire, which applies the pressure that, over time, brings the bite into proper alignment.

Clear braces, such as those available from Invisalign, are clear aligner trays that look a lot like an athlete’s mouth guard. They’re removable, but must be worn at least twenty-two hours a day to be the most effective. The aligners are created from impressions of the teeth, along with X-rays and other imaging.

Metal braces and Invisalign clear braces are both available from Summer Dental in Las Vegas. We can help you determine which are best for your bite. We also provide general and cosmetic dentistry, and pediatric dentistry, and offer extended and weekend hours for your convenience. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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