Kids’ Dental Treatment Without A Scary Drill

Air Abrasion Dentists

How long have dentists been drilling teeth? Would you believe 9,000 years? In an ancient graveyard in Pakistan, archaeologists discovered skulls containing teeth that had been subjected to drilling. The stone-age dentists removed decay using drills constructed of sharpened flint.

Though dentistry would not be possible without drilling, the whine of a dental drill can make many young patients’ hearts pound. However, there is another way dentists can remove tooth decay.

Air abrasion or drill-less dentistry is a better method. An air abrasion instrument removes material by spraying little aluminum oxide particles onto the tooth. The particles work like a sandblaster spraying away the affected tooth structure.

The many advantages of air abrasion make it a popular procedure for pediatric dentists and patients alike.

Because air abrasion is typically free of pain, the necessity for anesthesia is diminished. The air abrasion instrument does notĀ generateĀ vibrations or pressure.

Air abrasion instruments don’t create that whiny sound that rings in your ears and makes your palms sweat. Because of this, air abrasion is a less frightening method for young patients or adults with dental anxiety.

Air abrasion is also quicker and more exact than traditional drilling, leaving more of the healthy tooth intact.

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