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Is Your Child Protected?

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How do you maintain a healthy smile? The first things that come to mind are probably brushing, flossing, and getting regular dental cleanings at Summer Dental in Las Vegas. You might also think of diet factors such as limiting sugary drinks and getting poenty of calcium.

When people are asked about preventative dental care, they rarely mention athletic mouth protection. But it’s a biggie.

Don’t Be a (Grim) Statistic

Did you know that over five million people annually experience tooth injury playing sports? Many of those injuries involve a tooth being completely knocked out. Ouch!

Not only is it painful and traumatic, but a knocked out tooth is also time-consuming and costly to restore.

An Indispensable Part of Your Sports Gear

An inexpensive sports mouth piece can protect teeth during sporting activities. At Summer Dental, we advise our patients to include mouthguards as a key part of their sports gear. A mouthguard should be in your duffel along with your bat and glove.

Mouthguards work:

Starting in 1962, high school and collegiate football players were required to wear face guards and mouth protectors. Since this requirement, the percentage of orofacial injuries in football has dropped from approximately 50% to one-half of 1%, depending on the study cited.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends parents have children use mouthguards for all organized sports. That means gymnastics, skiing, and lacrosse—not just basketball, football, and wrestling.

Kids who complain about wearing mouthguards are more likely to wear one if it is comfortable and custom-fitted. If you or your child participates in sports, talk to us about custom athletic mouthguards. It may be the most important dental decision you make this year.

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