Going to The Dentist: Regular Dental Visits are Essential to Your Health and Well-Being

So many of us have heard the old adage that we should visit the dentist twice a year. Here’s the reality: about 33% of Americans do not go to the dentist at all. This is an alarming figure because regular dentist visits are essential to maintaining good oral health and general well-being.

Why GoTo The Dentist At All?

Seeing a dentist regularly is mostly a preventative measure. It doesn’t matter if you brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, or if you barely care about your oral hygiene. All benefit from visiting the dentist. Dentists and their dental hygienists are trained to observe and diagnose oral health problems through simple oral check ups and X-rays. 

Many oral health issues will go undetected by patients. Cavities and gum irritation are easily detected and treated within a typical dental appointment. In fact, dentists are often on the front lines detecting a whole slew of health problems, from gum disease to different types of cancers. 

Dentists can notify patients early – once those patients visit for regular checkups – about potential health risks and conditions. By neglecting to go to the dentist, you miss opportunities to keep your smile white and body healthy.

How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

Generally, most individuals need to visit the dentist only twice a year. Your mouth is used every day as you eat, drink and breathe. Because of this, much can occur in a matter of 6 months. It doesn’t take long for a cavity to develop or teeth to decay if left untreated.

Who Should be Going to the Dentist More Frequently?

Some people are at greater oral health risks because of co-occurring health conditions, lifestyle choices or general state in life. As a result, people in the following categories should consider visiting the dentist more than twice a year:

  • Smokers and tobacco users
  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetics
  • Individuals with weakened immune systems
  • Patients with gum disease
  • Anyone prone to cavities and bacteria build up

In general, anyone at a higher risk for oral infection is encouraged to schedule a dental cleaning more than twice a year.

Tips and Tricks to Limiting Your Dental Visits

There are a number of ways to beat the odds and decrease your risk of oral health conditions. First, maintain a high level of oral hygiene. Brush twice a day, floss at least once a day and use mouthwash regularly. 

To stay on top of your oral hygiene and decrease your risk of cavities and gum disease, incorporate the following into your daily life:

  • Brush your teeth after every meal
  • Adjust your diet toward healthy foods
  • Stop smoking or using tobacco
  • Stop drinking alcohol and coffee
  • Limit your consumption of sugar

By doing these things – in addition to the minimum hygienic routine – you will boost oral hygiene to an impressive level while reducing your risk of oral health issues. If you notice that your dentist is not finding any signs of cavities, gum disease or other common issues, you may be able to decrease the number of times you go to the dentist each year.

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